Episode 1: Wealth Creation Mindset

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Episode 1: Wealth Creation Mindset

Is Your Mindset on Wealth Creation?

I think a great place to kick off ThriftyGuru Talk Radio is by taking a closer look within, to help you understand if you have the head for success.

What is your attitude toward success and finances? What can you do to get your head in the game if you have a vision or goal to reach, the secret to success comes from within.

Part one: Your attitude and the affect on your business.
Part two: Is your mindset leading you down the path of wealth creation?

Show Notes:
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Part 1: Your attitude and the effect on your business
Is Your Attitude Killing Your Business?
How Do Others Act?
How to Change Your Attitude
Consequences of a Bad Attitude
Dealing with Customer Service Reps

Part 2: Is your mindset leading you down the path of wealth creation?
Who Says You Have a Bad Attitude?
What Do You Think About Yourself?
Don’t Get Caught in a Negative Feedback Loop
Why Do People Have Bad Attitudes?
Your Attitude About Money Can Make or Break Your Finances

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