NuYugen Review: CBD & Cannabinoid Products for Canada and USA

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NuYugen Review: CBD & Cannabinoid Products for Canada and USA

NuYugen Review: A New Legacy Company with CBD & Cannabinoid Products for Canada and USA. Our NuYugen Review of their Stress Management formulation, which includes CBD & Cannabinoid Products! NuYugen Canada and NuYugen USA. At ThriftyGuru, we are always looking at industry leading lifestyle trends for health and wellness. We find the tools and resources experts use. We just stumbled upon both! The NuYugen products Soulera® Blend and the Soulera® + CBD are for stress relief With the hot topic of CBD and the health and wellness benefits that are being talked about everywhere, we became very curious about NuYugen.

NuYugen Products: Soulera® Blend and Soulera® + CBD

In doing our own research, we decided to put together this NuYugen Review on the founders, the products and the opportunity they are presenting. Legit? Scam? Most importantly, you benefit from our look into the “buzz” NuYugen is creating and decide for yourself. We like what we are reading and reviewing. The products are now available and it seems like we should take notice and we will reveal why. First of all, it is super exciting that they are on the working closely with all the right people in Canada so when CBD is legalized and the company/product is registered, they will be ready for a Canadian launch, NuYugen Canada. For now, the noncbd Soulera Blend formulation is available in Canada, and both blends are available in the USA.

With the soft launch over, and the brand just launching, you probably only just heard about it! Do you know anyone who suffers from stress? Stay with us because this tuned out being way more than we anticipated…

The more digging we did the longer this post became, so we have a broken this down to a quick overview, and for those who want to dig deeper, our in-depth review follows.

Who should continue reading? Canadians who are watching and waiting for a registered alternative health product available in the Canadian market-space and anyone else who looks to holistic alternative health and wellness products for their personal use. Also, for anyone in Canada or the USA who is interested building multiple streams of income through association with a direct-sales companies.

The Quick NyYugen Review for NuYugen USA and NuYugen Canada:

When we heard about NuYugen, another health and wellness company – there may have been a slight eye roll. As Canadians, we find there are so many companies out there, how do you know who is legit and available in Canada? Do these companies have integrity, provide quality and speak the truth? Are the products and standards of practice compliant with health standards? Are the products registered and permitted to import/export internationally? Breaking down the barriers of reach, the internet provides a global market regardless of where you call home. (Canadian Friends – this may be the catalyst into this market-space we have been waiting for as soon as the government approves CBD and registrations for products like these from companies like NuYugen!)

But do you want to use a new product, (albeit world class top shelf; gold seal; best of the best) without understanding the long term affects of using the products? Where is the science, research and proof? How do you pick? You can spiral down many rabbit holes trying to figure this out with internet research, but these are questions you need to satisfy if you want to use alternative health products and maybe even represent the company.

What is NuYugen?

“Where Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science.” NuYugen = New You Generation. (Pronounced New-You-Gen – use a hard G not soft G) They specialize in the creation of phyto-pharmaceutical health and wellness products with full plant extracts including: adaptogens, antioxidants, CBD and other cannabinoids derived from hemp. The worlds most researched herbal stress formula and they have the science to prove it.

Who is NuYugen?

  • Founded in April 2017
  • 4 Founding Partners with in-depth experience in their related fields of expertise
    • President Rob Witty, 30 years experience in network distribution, business systems & product launches
    • Chief Science Officer Mark Priemer, A Quality Assurance Manager for Health Canada. 25 years and millions of dollars of personal research and double-blind clinical studies to confirm the efficacy and effectiveness of these ingredients in the human body.
    • Chief Operating Officer Richard Sharp, Hemp and CBD Expert, authored over 20,000 related articles in his blog The Hemp News, helped Canadian Government establish social platform with over 4.5 million users
    • Chief Financial Officer, George Vandenberg, Chartered Accountant, George brings over 40 years of professional accounting and financial experience to the company.

“The NuYugen Mission is to make a difference. We seek to help people change their lives by bringing to the world the ancient healing power of plants, expertly formulated by science.”

It is rare to find a product that is simultaneously so safe, effective, and broad-reaching in its impact. Soulera is one of the few herbal products I feel comfortable recommending people take on a long-term basis.

Dr. David Kamnitzer, DC

NuYugen Products The Soulera® Blend and Soulera® + CBD

  • Wellness liquid elixir beverage to be taken daily (Recommended dose: 2 teaspoons a day)
  • Non-toxic, no harmful or negative effects no matter what amount or how long its used
  • Increase the body’s mental and physical performance
  • Provides resistance to stressful insults at the cellular level
  • 10 Herbs in the blend, grown in the wild, picked then re-planted, no pesticides
  • A combination of adaptogenic herbs and powerful botanical antioxidants with CBD
  • Backed by 50 years of scientific research
  • 3000 clinical trials
  • 1200 scientists
  • Millions of dollars invested
  • Solid, proven, safe, secure
  • The Soulera Blend has been accepted into the Physician Desk Reference Guide
  • Manufactured in California, in an FDA approved facility

Market-space Business Model:

  • Network Distribution Channel / Network Marketing / Direct Sales – word of mouth advertising with a reward system

Accelerated Income Plan:

  • The People’s Plan, no personal purchases or auto-ship required for qualification
  • 50% of all sales allocated to commissions and member discounts
  • Weekly and Monthly paydays, rank advancement bonuses, global profit pools, lifestyle bonuses, leadership travel rewards
  • Member discounts
  • Low cost to start and continue with annual membership
  • No surprises
  • Quick, Passive and Long-Term Income opportunity

Business Start Up Cost:

  • The startup cost is $39 per year for the annual membership

What you get as a Representative with your Annual Membership:

  • Digital tools for today’s social, virtual and texting lifestyles
  • Replicated company crafted and compliant website
  • Logistic support, no product stock required
  • The company provided distribution, tracking and support

With proven science behind the brand, a powerhouse peoples pay plan, and a product reach to any demographic that has ever experience the effects of stress in their lives, we believe being part of the Nuyugen movement is a win! With a money back guarantee on their product, you too can try and decide for yourself.

I have been a chiropractic physician and a whole food nutritionist for almost 38 years. I have fallen in love with Adaptogens, and the Nuyugen Soulera product. Eternally grateful!

Dr. Michael Fleischer

Now as promised, an in-depth look with our NuYugen Review:

More about NuYugen:

This new company is quietly opening the doors to founding members, giving them exclusive opportunity to strategically build out their team in a unique way, with a 30-day timeline to place new team members anywhere they need them in their team genealogy. Savvy marketers across Canada and the USA, and anyone who even somewhat understands network marketing team structures will agree that this alone is a really big deal.

Adaptogens combined with high potency CBD are the new paradigm of advanced food based nutraceuticals. NuYugen pioneers the way with Soulera

Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.

A Stress Relief Formula:

Through our research, there has been a lot leading back to “Stress”. But what about stress? What affects does stress have on your body? NuYugen flagship product is for stress relief. How many people do you know who experience stress? That’s like asking, who do you know who washes their hair? If you have ever felt stress, you will have experienced how it can manifest through out your body. Your body is a system of systems, including the endocannabinoid system. It is your body’s internal control system and CBD is fuel for the system. The receptors in the body respond to CBD and the NuYugen Soulera® Blend and the Soulera® + CBD with full spectrum CBD, antioxidants and adaptogens helps the body adapt to the environment and heal itself.  Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, Chief of the Cytokine Research University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre Houston said “Stress lies at the root of every inflammatory disease.” NuYugen Soulera® Blend and the Soulera® + CBD is for stress relief. At ThriftyGuru, we know and understand that anything you can do to reduce inflammation in your body is worth doing, your health, well-being and longevity depend on it!

I trust and endorse Soulera, as a core product to be taken daily for optimal health. The evidence from the research is clear.

Thaea Harrison, RN, Wellness Practitioner

Starting Out:

Founded April 2017 and armed with the science of adaptogens, herbal extracts and CBD, the creation of revolutionary cutting-edge products was the launch vision of the founding partners. Bringing to the world the healing power of plants expertly formulated by science. With over 3800 published articles, 4 generations of scientists devoted their careers to over 70 years of research to evolve and refine the formulas of ancient healers to discover and apply those natural plant-based ingredients that would be the greatest benefit to mankind.

With every new company comes start-up challenges, not the least of which NuYugen had to face, wondering if their product manufacturing facility was going to go up in smoke with the fires in Lake Elsinore CA. Thankfully no, and the facility has already been re-certified by the FDA (due to the red fire retardant foam being sprayed everywhere.) This has delayed some manufacturing and bottling, but shipping of consumer product is anticipated in October. Read more about the Nuyugen story.

Why Network Marketing Business Model?

  • Accelerated Income Plan with rewards and customer commissions
  • Harnessing the power of leverage, word of mouth advertising business model with a reward system attached to it
  • Give the power to the people. Self-reliance, build your own business and not depend on someone else to create your wealth
  • Time Freedom and Financial Freedom, do what you want when you want. Building multiple streams of income – even part-time, you are building your portfolio of wealth.
  • Residual Income – the ability to build and get paid over and over again.
  • Compounding factor / Leverage Affect your efforts, the biggest factor in establishing wealth.

Who is behind NuYugen?

The Founding Partners: (Bios taken directly from the company website)

  • President, Rob Witty: Rob has spent over 30 years in successful network distribution, international business and product launches where he has positively impacted the lives of thousands. Rob’s focus has primarily been on the Health and Wellness niche, introducing people to new cutting-edge ingredients and life enhancing formulations.
  • CSO Chief Science Officer, Park Priemer: Mark has been involved in the natural products industry since 1981. He has served as a regulatory and quality assurance consultant for more than 100 client firms. Additionally, he has operated a logistics management company providing fulfillment services to the network marketing industry for almost thirty years. Mark continues to be an active medical researcher with projects in the areas of the physiological management of stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, cancer cell surface biology, neurodegenerative diseases, and age-associated muscle loss. As an inventor of ingredient processing technology and as a product formulator, Mark will continue to make cutting edge and effective consumer products available through NuYugen to make sure we are leaders in the industry and not followers.
  • COO, Chief Operating Officer, Richard Sharp: Richard is an accomplished business and social media strategist with over 30 years experience in digital media communications, software development, and more recently the hemp industry. Richard’s passion is enabling social movements with digital technology. Serving the private, government, and not-for- profit sectors, some of Richard’s clients have included: MTV, Government of Canada, Scholastic Corporation, Obama 2009 Inauguration and Conscious Capitalism Institute.
  • CFO Chief Financial Officer, George Vandenberg: Chartered Accountant, George brings over 40 years of professional accounting and financial experience to the company.

More on the NuYugen Soulera® Blend and Soulera® + CBD Blend Products:

Compliance, standards of measurement, legal regulations – these can feel like a grey area when you are talking about natural health products and food. So we were really excited to see that NuYugen partners with NuYuga – a service provider who ensures products brought to market in Canada meet Health Canada regulations, comply with proper labeling, marketing and distribution in Canada! (You see Canadian friends – this is exciting!) Aligning with NuYuga means that the NyYugen products, brand development, and integrity are built from the ground floor. Building a solid foundation for a new brand with maximum potency and impact. What any company, anywhere should do, but too often we have seen others who jump into a market-space and try to figure the rest out as they go along. Looks like NyYugen is on the right track for product availability, distribution and of course more importantly, quality.

The Business / Systems:

Developing leading tools for affiliates with a complete digital suite available. Tools that will do the work for you and help people connect with others, share the information, and help answer questions. Branded tools for each affiliate, enabling affiliates to professionally share information through social networks, SMS messaging, podcasts, training schedules and more. The company is crafting the “Yugen” experience and framework for it’s partners in business, setting affiliates up for success from the start in our digital on demand world.

The People’s Pay Plan:

  • A simple way to build a significant income. Accelerated income plan where you can earn an income in your first week.
  • 9 Ways to Earn
  • Worth repeating from the quick review: No personal purchases or auto-ship required for qualification
  • Earn on unlimited levels
  • No structural requirements, build your team as wide as you like
  • **30-Day Placement Policy to structure your organization your way
  • All sales and commissions are in USD
  • Volume based plan, uni-level compensation plan
  • Seamless and borderless; Same plan in Canada and USA and future launch countries
  • Global revenue sharing pools

**Placement Feature: Everyone you personally enroll goes into your front line. You have 30 days to place them anywhere in your team genealogy and become the architect of your own business, arranging and developing your team the way you want it to be. Affiliates can only place a qualifying person once, as a result you are crafting your team as you like and you can even give away sponsorship to help grow your downline! Strategically building your business and creating your own legacy reward company!

Annual Membership unlocks your reward plans: Personal Rewards, Team Rewards, Leadership Rewards

Some highlights of the plan (not all 9 ways to get paid are highlighted here):

  • Personal Rewards: No personal volume requirements to earn commissions on customer sales
  • Team Rewards: Commissions paid on your downline member and customer purchases and rank advancement rewards
  • Leadership Rewards: Bonus pools and Monthly lifestyle bonuses, paid monthly, use toward whatever you want, travel rewards for the member and their spouse/partner

The NuYugen Company Your Partners in Business:

Committed to honesty and transparency. Striving for the highest standards of excellence in the industry. Respect for health, proper diet and nutrition, exercise. Use safe products to help rejuvenate the body. Committed to volunteer, giving back financially, spiritually and emotionally to the world. Your partners in a great event, a movement of change, bringing the healing power of adaptogens to the world.

In Summary:

We like what we see with NuYugen Inc. Life enhancing, scientifically proven stress relief formula with the Soulera® Blend and the Soulera® + CBD products. We liked it so much, we decided to start offering the Nuyugen products on our website too! You can try and decide for yourself with their money back guarantee.

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